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Ranger's Apprentice Book and Movie Information

Australian author John Flanagan's fantasy book series hit the shelves with a bang and now it is hitting the big screen. In an interview with Mr. Flanagan he states the main theme is, "the eventual triumph of good over evil." The film will probably be rated as PG or PG-13 and release date is sometime in 2013 even though casting has not begun. Some people, after having read the series of books, which includes 11, seem to think the movie may end up being close to the Sorcerer's Apprentice or Harry Potter. (Read about movie update here.)

John, who lives with his wife and son, originally wrote the series as twenty short stories to encourage his son, 12-year-old Michael, to read. The book series includes the following, The Ruins of Gorlan published in 2005, The Burning Bridge published in 2005, The Icebound Land published in 2005, The Battle for Skandia published in 2006, The Sorcerer in the North published in 2008, The Siege of Macindaw published in 2006, Erak's Ransom published in 2007, The Kings of Clonmel published in 2008, Halt's Peril published in 2009, The Emperor of Nihon-Ja published in 2010, and finely, The Lost Stories, which has just been released.

Since this series was written with a child in mind, little boys and probably girls also, will love it because of the epic battles, heroes, and adventure scenes. For anyone who is a fan of fantasy and action books, you will love this series and if the movie is anything like the books; it is destined to become as popular as the Harry Potter series and movies. Once you get to know the personalities of the main characters and learn about their skills, you will not be able to put it down while wondering what exciting adventure will happen next to these characters.

Based in European medieval times, Will who is the main character or star in the movie, is an orphan at the Castle Redmont. By age 15, all orphans are expected to either become an apprentice to one of the masters or go work in the fields. After much thought, Will finely decides to become a Ranger who is the unofficial "police" of Araluen as well as the intelligence force. Will learns many things and after a few days, he meets Halt who then introduces him to his horse Tug. Tug is not your average horse! He is breed designed for the ranger corp with exceptional intelligence and speed. Tug helps Will learn skills needed to pass his assessment test at the "Gathering" however, things are cut short when rumors are heard of Morgarath's underlings breaking through the Three Step Pass.

The different languages are explained in the books and include Gallic, which is almost identical to French, and Nihon-Jan which is Japanese using Romaji. With Paul Haggis adapting the series for film, he knows all about kid's books having written both Million Dollar Baby and Crash. Now appearing on the New York Times bestseller list and shortlisted in children's book awards in Australia, John Flanagan who is a former television and advertising writer still lives with his wife and son in the Sydney beachside suburb of Manly.

The Ruins of Gorlan

November 1st, 2004


Ranger's Apprentice Book 1

Released on November 1st, 2004, the "Ruins of Gorlan" Ranger's apprentice book highlights the world of Will, an orphan, who is selected to be a Ranger for the Kingdom of Araluen and is taken...

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The Burning Bridge

May 5th, 2005


Ranger's Apprentice Book 2

The Burning Bridge, the second book in the Ranger's Apprentice Series, continues with Will, his friend horace and the Ranger Gilan traveling to Celtica on a special mission...

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